Saturday, June 6, 2009

*Click!* Kooki-Fashion (Wholesaler)

*WP = wholesale price

RM20(WP) | RM20 (WP)
So many designs to choose from! Wow! Speechless, can!

RM24 (WP)
This piece really catches my eye. Love the design and do you know it does come with a free necklace too?! :D

RM26 (WP)
| RM26 (WP)
Like seriously, I don't really came across people selling dresses for maternity yet and these are pretty unique and lovely too!

RM34 (WP)
If you are a mama-to be, you can actually buy all of these! And they are really affordable too! ;)

RM23 (WP)
I never seen so many designs for mama-to-be. You gotta head over to see them yourself!!