Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi People :) I changed the style of writting a bit so that I can combine the whole thing into a post! :)

*Click!* Color City Shop

Pins (Range from RM10 ~ RM12) RM20

Season of fruits! :D So cute can! They've brought in a variety of them! And don't they just look deliciously yummy yummy? :D

RM15 for each pair! :D

*Click!* Choobs

1. RM27 2. RM42 3. RM24 4. RM35

Such nice bracelets they have. Chunky to simple design that will take your breath away~ :D

*Click!* the hey hey hey

RM8 (each design) RM12
Headbands! :D So charming can! :) The white purity is their newest collection. So sweet and they are such a charm, aren't they? And all carefully hand-made ones! :)

*Click!* Diva Dollhouse RM10 each (RM5 additional for every sash attached)
So cute!! They not only sells dresses and pretty tees but they are also coming up with handmade bows! How thoughtful!! :)